Dammit, Janet

Brad: Hey, Janet
Janet: Yes, Brad
Brad: Iīve got something to say
Brad:I really love the... skillful way...
You beat the other girls to the brideīs bouquet
Janet:Oh... oh Brad
Brad:The river was deep but I swam it
Phantoms: .Janet
Brad:The future is ours so letīs plan it
Brad:So please donīt tell me to can it
Brad:I have one thing to say and thatīs Dammit, Janet-
I love you
Brad:The road was long but I ran it
Brad:Thereīs a fire in my heart and you fan it
Brad:If thereīs one fool for you then I am it
Brad:Iīve one thing to say and thatīs Dammit, Janet!-
I love you
Hereīs the ring to prove that Iīm no joker
Thereīs three ways that love can grow
Thatīs good, bad, or mediocre
Oh J-A-N-E-T I love you so
Janet:Oh, itīs nicer than Betty Monroe had!
Phantoms:Oh, Brad
Janet:Now weīre engaged and Iīm so glad
Phantoms:Oh, Brad
Janet:That you met Mom and you know Dad
Phantoms:Oh, Brad
Janet:Iīve one thing to say and thatīs Brad, Iīm mad for you too!
Janet:Oh, Brad
Brad:Oh, dammit
Janet:Iīm mad
Brad:Oh, Janet
Janet:For you
Brad:I love you too-oo-oo
Both:Thereīs one thing left to do
Brad:And thatīs go see the man who began it
Brad:When we met in his science exam-it
Brad:Made me give you the eye and then panic
Brad:Iīve one thing to say and thatīs dammit, Janet, I love you
Brad:Dammit, Janet
Janet:Oh Brad, Iīm mad
Brad:Dammit, Janet
Both:I love you